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Testimonials about Dr. Mohamed Aly

Mohamed Badra

Board of Director in Banque du Caire, Representatives of the Egyptian State at Banque du Caire

Worked with Dr. Mohamed Aly in the Development Committee in the Business Center at the American University in Cairo. He is the consultant to the committee and the Moderator, I enjoyed working with him as professional talented expert. He is dedicated to achieve objectives, acts as the driving force in the committee, gives good examples for the fruitful discussions. He is also innovator when we discussing any routine work.He is a good team player, result oriented, and maintaining high integrity. He never compromises the quality of work.

Sara Kamal Okiel
HR Generalist @ EgyptAir Maintenance & Engineering

Professor Mohamed Aly is a Kind, Caring, Interesting, Hard working, Organized remarkable Teacher. And it has been a pleasure being his student in two Modules in the AUC Strategic management and Training & development which I choose Training and development to be my specialty later based on his way of teaching.
And so many courses such as: time management, OD ‘Organization development”.
An important aspect of Mr. Mohamed Aly interaction with his student is availability to answer any question not as arguing no with his wide knowledge and his perfect sense and logic. With the right amount of structure, yet allow the student some independence.
I personally have benefited so much more than I can say from taking a class with him.

Emad Bakhit
Human Resources

Dr. Mohamed is a great person whom is helpful, cultured, active & he doesn't hesitate to extend his help & support to anyone.
He knows well how to teach & how to transfer knowledge by all means & to anyone not just the curriculum but also a lot of life aspects, ethics & values; and this is by being a great role model for everything.
He's that person whom you don't stop learning from him.
His participation in the community and social work on all levels "politically,, educationally and so on" show how much he's aware of everything going on the country level & the global level, which directly reflects & affects his strategic practices "Teaching & consulting work", very rare to know or meet someone like him.
I wish i could work with him directly one day & wish him the best of life.

Emil Beshara
Human Resources Manager Accor Egypt at Accor

Dr. Mohamed Aly is the best professor ever in the field of Strategic Management not only this but his technique in teaching through work groups has created an unique learning experience that fostered creativity and team work ability.
I personally would attend other courses with Dr. Mohamed Aly and would recommend him as the best professor in the AUC at least during my Studies.

Sara El Mawazini
at Metra Computer

Dr. Mohamed is a perfect example of a Trainer and Lecturer, I attended to him HR Strategic Management course which was very interesting. I gained a lot from the sessions not only from the beneficial material that he presented but also his teaching style generates a positive challenging environment in class along with humorous spirit and the motivation to work hard on the assignments that were prepared to apply and improve our planning and thinking skills.
Luckily, I coordinated with Dr. Mohamed several sessions in Bayan for Human Development (It's a Non for Profit organization specialized in delivering developmental and professional sessions) and during the past year he was the highly evaluated among many professional volunteering instructors. He is dedicated, punctual, and very helpful and shows great interest to the team and participants. Last but not least, the way he handles questions proves his deep knowledge of the subject he presents and shows how cultured he is.

Fareed Sherbeny
Digital /Online/ Employer Branding Recruitment Professional at Confidential

Dr. Mohamed Ali is one of the most professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable Strategists and Corporate Trainers I've ever seen in my career.I have been a student of Mr Mohamed at AUC HR classes in 2 different semesters ( Strategic Management, Training & Development).
Dr. Mohamed has always shown tremendous knowledge in his areas of expertise and always helped me to connect knowledge with practice and reality through case studies. Prof. Mohamed has very deep knowledge of market trends, Organization Development approaches. If I have to sum Dr. Mohamed in one word, It would be a Real Strategist. I would definitley recommend Dr. Mohamed for any client or student who is willing to get the best results In a timely manner. I would definitley be interested in being a student for him or working with him in the future.

Marianne Nabil
HR Recruitment Specialist at Egyptian Takaful

I consider Dr. Mohammed one of the few people who mix theories and academic stuff with real life applications, he changed our way of thinking in the strategic management course, squeezed our minds indeed which made us feel way too exhausted. I really appreciated his way of teaching only when I finished the course. Luckily I got involved with him in the Training and Development course. His professionalism and good humor relieved much of the stress that usually accompanies HRD sessions.
Dr. Mohammed is very organized and from lecture #1 he drew the whole Diploma with timelines and the subjects he will handle which gave me better understanding about the whole Diploma and "what, how, why and when" I will study courses with him. Even in the exams he provides us with timelines that help us to handle our answers in a better way.
Although I finished my course with him but I am sure he will always be there for any honest advice.

Badr Salah
Computer Classroom Professional

Dr/Mohamed is one of the best Teachers i ve ever met in my life , he was my Dr at the AUC ,he taught me Training and Strategic management ..I will never deny that Strategic Management changed my
Way of thinking to positive thinking ..Thanks Dr Mohamed , wish we meet again at the MBA

Abeer Kamal
Kuwait Marketing Manager at Microsoft Corporation

I have learned what makes a successful manager from Mohamed. Mohamed is extremely knowledgeable in his field as a corporate trainer, he has helped many companies to realize their potential and build a strong base of managers of which they are the cornerstone of what makes a company succeed and grow. Mohamed plays a dramatic and important role in changing the working perception, ways, and enhance people's skills to do their jobs better. I believe he is a GREAT asset to any company. He's extremely professional, has a sense of humor, and has high communication skills. Sometimes I see him as a corporate psychiatrist where he focuses on individual people to result in building a strong successful team.

Sherif Kandil

Internet Marketing with 10+ @ SEO| Email Marketing | Social Networks | Online Ads [sherif_kandil@yahoo.com]

I thoroughly enjoyed Mohamed's training courses and consultancy sessions. Mohamed's training delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure Mohamed is a very effective speaker and educator.

Marwa Ashraf

Marketing Manager at Prosoft Information Systems

Throughout the time I worked with Mohamed, I recognized that he has a very sharp mind and is diligent in his work. He's excellent in opening up new doors for companies to grow.
His work features great accuracy and honesty. He's also organized and have the ability of properly utilizing different resources.
In addition he has excellent listening skills and hence the ability to understand and produce high-quality output.
He did an excellent job as an Organizational Development Consultant for our company; he is skilled at coming up with creative and innovative business ideas that result in real success for any business.
Having a great eye for the big picture; he is a very goal oriented person, with a strong foresight into future changes, resulting in a great vision for development.



Note: These testimonials were voluntarily given.